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" My life has been improved through learning the art of massage because I have gained a much larger knowledge of the body and ability to facilitate healing."

Jenny Grove

"I love Aurora's massage! She is wonderful at addressing my injuries and needs. Also she has a great technique and is very pleasant to spend an hour with."

Jennie Irving

School here was very detailed. I felt like I was prepared to really help people after I graduated. Aurora and Jenny taught us several deep tissue modalities and more advanced techniques. I have been working for just over a year but I feel like I have been doing it for a long time. She taught us to research problems which I do for all of my clients who come to me with injuries.

Shannon White

I found Aurora's massage practice over ten years ago when I was suffering from chronic spasms in some very deep muscle tissue. The therapists I had been to up to that point were unable, or unwilling, to help. But Aurora knew exactly how to approach the problem. She was friendly and extremely knowledgeable. Her intuition and touch, things that can't be learned from books, were exceptional. That muscle spasm issue took some time, and multiple visits, to resolve. But Aurora stuck with it. She was patient, understanding, and compassionate throughout. I still visit Aurora whenever I over do it with physical activity or work, or when things just get a little out of whack in my back or shoulders. A massage from Aurora never fails to yield a huge improvement. Much better than a visit to a doctor in my experience. Northern Lights Massage is a 1st class facility: comfortable, clean, relaxing. The staff is always friendly and professional. In addition to being one of the best therapists ever, Aurora is also excellent teacher. I know this because she was kind enough to invite me to sit-in on classes a few years back. Having had that experience, I have no doubt that all of the therapists at Northern Lights, whom Aurora has trained and has chosen to keep around her, are superb.

Roger Hayes


Professional, therapeutic, clinical massage that allows me to live my life to the fullest. Licensed massage therapists Create personalized massage therapy to help you with your individual aches, pains or injuries to Increase your range of motion and mobility. I go weekly to enable me to fully live my life and to reduce or eliminate at times, pain medications.

Kathi Gilland


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